The STI developed 2011 platform has been putting faster follow up shots on target for years. Its modular assembly helps to transfer kinetic energies on a much flatter plane.

The handgun shooter is able to hold, maintain, and aim more accurately as felt recoil moves horizontally rather than the more typical vertical trajectory. With the 2011’s modified recoil you are able to train and practice more comfortably.

And, it features increased round capacity due to a double stack magazine design. Even with its increased round capacity, the 2011 platform has only a minimally increased grip circumference.

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The STI Commitment


The STI commitment to making some of the very finest custom quality handguns that your hard earned money can buy, goes far deeper than some plaque on a lobby wall. It is a personal responsibility of every STI employee to put their best into each gun that leaves the building. For them it is more than a job—it is innovating and engineering to keep raising the STI standard; it is machining and hand crafting each part for a fit and finish that fills your hand with confidence; and it is the integrity to stay the course even if it means doing things differently. STI is for the discerning shooter who appreciates having the best.

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