Q: Why STI over other brands?

A: Each STI gun is handcrafted by a certified gunsmith and goes through over 30 quality checks before it leaves the building. STI uses only the highest quality parts available throughout the builds. Each sear and hammer is EDM wire cut, which is an innovation that helped STI make a name for itself years ago. Every part that STI manufactures is built to oversized tolerances so they can be hand fit to each individual gun. Each gun is fully function tested and meticulously inspected for any blemishes. The completed STI gun represents some of the finest in handgun custom quality, performance and accuracy.

Q: How do I return my gun for warranty?

A: Please follow the link to fill out the warranty form: STI Warranty Form

Q: What is the warranty on STI products?

A: We unconditionally warranty our products for their intended purpose when installed properly. As with any product, abuse and normal wear are excluded. We stand behind our products and if you EVER have a problem with an STI, we are going to make sure to take good care of you! We pride ourselves on having the best Customer service anywhere (since we have the best Customers anywhere…) The STI warranty covers the product- not the original purchaser so even if you purchase it used, we will still warranty our work. (We do not warranty other people’s work, though, so if you or anyone else works on the gun it might void the warranty. Contact our warranty department and they will handle it on a case by case basis.) Be sure to contact the Warranty department for an RMA before shipping any warranty items to us. Any packages without a clearly marked RMA on the box will be rejected.

Q: Where can I find a holster for my STI?

A: Follow the link to our holsters available through our online store : STI Store Holsters

Q: How do I find a dealer in my area? 

A: Follow link to find a dealer near you : Find a Dealer USA

Q: Does STI offer a military or LEO discount? 

A: STI is dealer direct only however, some STI Dealers do offer Military/LEO discounts. Find a dealer in your area

Q: Are STI pistols made in America?

A: All current STI models are built right here in Georgetown, Texas. We manufacturer 95% of all parts in Georgetown. There are a few smaller parts made by other manufacturers but all are in the USA.

Q: Does STI offer factory tours? 

A: Due to strict ITAR/ATF regulations we do not offer factory tours at this time.

Q: Are the aluminum grips covered by STI’s warranty?

A: The aluminum grips are covered by the same warranty as all the rest of our parts- we unconditionally warranty our products for their intended purpose when installed properly. As with any product, abuse and normal wear are excluded.

Q: Can I convert my gun to a different caliber?

A: Most STI guns can be converted to a different caliber by fitting an alternate top end to the gun. Please contact STI Custom shop for more details, click the following link: STI Custom Shop

Q: What are thread pitch sizes for threaded barrels?


9mm/38 super: 1/2×28

.40/10mm: 9/16×24

.45: .578×28

Q: How do I take my STI firearm apart and reassemble it?

A: Click on a link below for more information:

Q: How do I get set up as a Dealer with STI?

A: Follow the following link: Become a Dealer

Q: Does STI use any MIM parts?

A: In the Past STI has used high quality MIM parts. We no longer use MIM parts on our firearms, we use the highest quality machined parts available.

Q: How do I choose a RecoilMaster?

AChoosing a RecoilMaster

 Q: How do I install a RecoilMaster?

AInstalling a RecoilMaster

Q: Can I use factory ammunition with my DVC Open and DVC Steel ?

A: The DVC Open is designed and tuned for IPSC Major Power Factor grade ammunition. Factory .38 Super/9mm and .38 Super /9mm +P generally do not meet the minimum power and pressure levels required for proper operation of these competition grade firearms. The DVC Steel, however, was specifically designed to run factory ammo in .38 Super or 9mm.

Q: What can I expect the trigger pull weight to be on an STI handgun?

A: All DVC models have a 2.5lb. trigger pull weight. All other pistol models have between 3.5 lbs- 4lbs

Q: What makes the Costa Carry Comp, DVC Open and DVC Steel  barrel and compensator superior?

A: The T2 compensator has several characteristics that make it superior. This unit, which comes in a .355″ bore diameter only, is fabricated from a single piece of 416R (rifle grade) stainless steel and, therefore, has no need of threads nor the area that the threads would occupy. This allows it to be .400″ shorter and approximately 1½ oz. lighter. Since there are NO threads, it is legal in California, cannot come loose, is a great deal easier for a gunsmith to fit and “clock in”, and is inherently more accurate. To explain further, since the compensator is both bored and rifled at the same time and with the same tooling as the barrel, there can be no misalignment. Because the alignment is perfect, the clearance bore in the compensator can be tighter, and therefore more uniform than is possible in a threaded compensator. With gas pressures equal on all side of the bullet, enhanced accuracy is a given.

Q: What is the recoil spring weight in my gun?


  • 5″ Full Length Guide Rod
    • 9mm : 10lbs.
    • 40 S&W : 14lbs.
    • 45ACP : 18lbs.
    • 10mm : 26lbs.
  • 5.4″ Full Length Guide Rod
    • 9mm : 8lbs.
    • 40 S&W : 14lbs.
    • 45ACP : 16lbs.
  • 6″ Full Length Guide Rod
    • 9mm : 8lbs.
    • 40 S&W : 12lbs.
    • 45ACP : 16 lbs.
    • 10mm : 18lbs.

Q: Will my full sized 2011 magazines fit in the smaller guns like the DVC Carry, Guardian or HEXTAC DS 3.0?

A: Yes, they will fit in all 2011 models and will extend past the grip.

Q: What sight cuts and heights does STI use?

A: Front Sight : STI/Heinie dovetail (60 °)  3’’ and  4’’ guns use a .140 tall sight. 5’’ and 6’’ guns use a .180 tall sight

Rear : LPA Or Novack

Q: What is your front sight blade width?

A: The competition width is .100″ while the carry width is .125″.

Q: Will STI 2011 mags hold any ammunition loaded longer than SAAMI spec of a specific caliber?

A: YES, but the .38 Super and 10mm versions will not accept ammo longer than 1.250″.

Q: How many rounds do STI 2011 magazines hold?


  • 126 mm length – (9mm, 38 Super) 17
  • 126 mm length – (40, 10mm) 14
  • 126 mm length – (45, .450) 12
  • 140 mm length – (9 mm, 38 Super) 20
  • 140 mm length – (40, 10mm) 17
  • 140 mm length – (.45, .450) 14
  • 170 mm length – (9mm, 38 Super) 26
  • 170 mm length – (40, 10mm) 22
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