Chad Chalkey

A Retired Marine, Chad spent 19 of his 20 years on active duty serving as a Reconnaissance Marine and plank owner to the 1st Raider Bn with multiple combat tours in the Arabian Peninsula, Afghanistan and Indonesia. After retiring Chad spent several years as Para Military Independent Contractor.

At Triada Training Solutions Chad has spent the last 5 years training the fine men and women of the Department of Defense, Law Enforcement and civilians alike in skillsets to better prepare themselves for mission accomplishment and everyday life.

Bennie Cooley

Has over 20 years experience in SWAT operations and training. He is the owner of Crisis Resolution Training Consultants and he currently trains elite members within our specialized military, federal and state law enforcement organizations. Bennie has received two World Class Quality Awards for his leadership and training of personnel. He has won numerous National and World Championships in the shooting world to include 7x International Tactical Long-Range Rifle Championships, 5x USPSA Multi Gun Champion, 3x SOF 3-Gun World Championships, 2x National SWAT Championships and a World Sniper Championship.

Jim Dexter

A 14-year police officer currently serving as a patrol officer in Illinois and assigned to the DuPage County Metropolitan SWAT Team where he serves as a Team Leader. His former agencies include the Madison (Wisconsin) Police Department and the Federal Air Marshal Service. He is a veteran of the Illinois Amy National Guard and deployed to Iraq from 2003-2004. Jim is a State of Illinois SWAT instructor and a graduate of the FBI Firearms and Carbine Instructor schools. He is responsible for developing the IL state-certified red dot pistol curriculum and is cited in multiple RDS training programs. Jim has assisted multiple departments nationwide to implement an RDS pistol program to include policy and training considerations and has published works in red dot pistols for law enforcement.Jim is the owner and lead instructor of Tactically Sound Training Center, LLC, providing red dot-based pistol and medical instruction. He holds a BA from Western Illinois University and an MA in criminal justice from American Military University. Jim currently sits on the board of directors for the Illinois Tactical Officers Association Association.

Patrick Dougherty

A former Marine. He served as a rifleman and squad leader with , 2nd BN 3rd MAR. He was a sergeant assigned as Primary Marksmanship Instructor with WFTBN in Parris Island, SC. He served in the Marines from 1992-1998.

He was hired by Long Beach Police Department in 2000. He has worked Patrol, Directed Enforcement, and SWAT. He is currently assigned to SWAT as an entry team member, and an explosive breacher. He has been assigned to SWAT since 2005. He has taught firearms and tactics to his department and surrounding agencies for the last 5 years as an advanced officer training instructor.

Buck Doyle

Buck Doyle served over 21 years in the US Marine Corps, including 17 years and multiple combat tours with Special Operations units. As a Reconnaissance Marine attached to 1st Force Recon, 1st Recon BN, and MARSOC (1st Raider BN) units, Doyle served as Team Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and Chief Instructor at Special Missions Training Branch. He has current, extensive experience in hostile fire/combat zones in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Doyle retired from the Marine Corps a Master Sergeant with multiple awards, including the Bronze Star (with Valor).

In 2010, Doyle founded Follow Through Consulting, LLC, and spent four years contracting with the Department of Defense as a member of the Joint Expeditionary Team (JET), advising and assisting combat units in Afghanistan. Follow Through expanded its training capabilities in 2014 to include law enforcement and qualified civilians, as well as consulting with corporate clients in the areas of leadership, team building, and product design/development & testing.

In 2017, Follow Through added technical advising and training to cinema/television clients to its capabilities, with Doyle providing intensive weapons training and on-set technical advising to projects such as Dwayne Johnson’s “Skyscraper” and TV’s “Shooter”(USA Network).

Jim Erwin

Jim Erwin is a veteran of the U.S. Special Operations Forces, including service in the 75th Ranger Regiment and then as a 1st SFOD-D (Delta) Operator. After leaving active duty, Erwin provided close protection and security for high-profile clientele across the globe, including in many high-threat environments.

As a certified FBI Advanced Firearms Instructor and holder of several instructor certifications from the NRA, Jim also passes on his firearms knowledge through his company, Kraken Ultimus Firearms Training, covering all aspects of pistol, carbine and long range rifle shooting.

Drew Estell

An Army Special forces veteran who specialized with multiple deployments to the middle east performing unconventional warfare and direct-action missions. His career includes duties on a Military Freefall Detachment and as an assaulter in the Crisis Response Force (CRF/CIF). Before leaving active duty, Drew helped to stand up and manage his unit’s concealed carry/active shooter program. Alongside other Special Operations Veterans, he co-founded the Mission 22 Shooting Team to help raise awareness of the veteran suicide epidemic in the shooting sports, and currently is the owner of BAER Solutions.

BAER Solutions has quickly grown to teaching multiple open enrollment classes across the country, Law Enforcement restricted classes, and is beginning consulting for police departments to deliver tailored solutions such as shooting packages, SOF lessons learned, and tactics.

Ricky Henson

Has over 20 years experience in the Special Operations units, serving both as an operator and trainer in over 25 countries. Specializing in Anti-Terrorism, he is also a weapons and tactical medicine expert who also holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations with an emphasis on national security. Henson has conducted Threat and Vulnerability Assessments on many major critical infrastructure facilities throughout the nation, and he has trained various federal counter terrorist teams to combat terrorist threats. Henson also is a competition shooter with a Master level ranking.  His training includes: Special Operations Training (SOT), Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC), Anti-Terrorism Instructor Course, Marine Elevated Sniper Course, Special Forces Advanced Recon Target Analysis Exploitation Tech (SFARTAEC), Instructor Training Course (ITC), Marine Corp High Risk Personnel Course (HRP), FBI Law Enforcement Training for Safety and Survival Instructors Course (LETSS), NRA Tactical Handgun Instructors Course, SFAUC Instructor & INTAC Instructor.

Bob Keller

Gamut Resolutions, LLC is a veteran owned and operated company dedicated to providing tactical or practical coaching needed to survive any unanticipated or anticipated situation. Students learn to use both their primary and secondary weapons to engage numerous targets from various ranges, under changing conditions while employing target discrimination, and sound tactical judgement with quick, surgical precision. Our mission, is not only to train you better than anybody else, but also to give you an experience that will last a life time. We believe in our methods, values and those we train.

Ted Lanier

Retired Master Sergeant Ted Lanier enlisted in the Army as a 19 Delta Cavalry Scout. Over the course of the next ten years MSG Lanier spent his Military career assigned to several Cavalry Squadrons stationed all over the world with deployments to Operation Desert Shield/Storm as well Operation Joint Endeavor in the war-torn country of Bosnia. In 1999 MSG Lanier volunteered for the US Army’s Special Forces. After completing the Special Forces Assessment and Selection process he was assigned to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course. Upon completion he had earned the coveted “Green Beret” and was assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne). Over the next 8 years, MSG Lanier, was deployed to Afghanistan 3 times, Iraq twice and many other smaller and specialized missions, spanning the globe.

In 2007 MSG Lanier was assigned to the 1st Special Warfare Training Group at Ft Bragg North Carolina. During his time in 1st Special Warfare Training Group he was assigned to our Military’s premier Special Operations Gun fighting and Urban warfare school, which is billed as Range 37, The Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Targeting and Exploitations Techniques Course. After his time as one of four primary Close Quarters Battle Instructors and running the courses Close Quarters Battle Program he was later chosen to become the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of the Course and its facilities. In May of 2011 MSG Lanier retired from the Military with 22 years of service. Along with being awarded The Legion of Merit he was also awarded the Bronze Star, 13 Army Commendation Medals one with Valor and numerous other awards, decorations and medals.

Upon retirement, MSG Lanier continued to teach and train the next generation of warfighters as an Independent Contractor for several DOD contracting companies as well as Training/Consulting for both state and local Law Enforcement Agencies. After 4 years as an Independent Contractor, MSG Lanier went back to work on Fort Bragg as a shooting, Close Quarters Battle and Urban Warfare instructor where he is currently employed.
Over the past year and a half Ted has developed a passion for helping his fellow brothers and sisters in arms to find their footing after separation from the Military, to rebuild their home life and to aid in volunteer work. Ted accomplishes this by working his own program of recovery, serving on the Board of Directors for Warriors Heart Foundation, serving as an Ambassador for All Secure Foundation, staying connected to other non-profit groups and treatment centers.

Matthew Little

US Army Special Forces combat veteran who has extensive law enforcement experience, including serving as training coordinator and an operational supervisor on a major metropolitan SWAT team. In addition to his military and police experience, Matt has worked as a government contractor in non-permissive environments. He is also an experienced action shooting competitor and is ranked as a master class shooter by the US Practical Shooting Association. 

Through his company, GreyBeard Actual LLC, Matt now provides advanced training in firearms, tactics, and combatives to law enforcement, military, private security contractors, and responsible armed citizens. His training model draws on decades of operational, competitive and instructional experience, and his sole goal is to enable his students to master their craft as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ben Morgan

A former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment,1st Ranger Battalion and a former U.S. Army infantry officer. He served in the 19th Special Forces Group while earning his Bachelor’s Degree in History from Colorado Sate University. Ben worked in Iraq as a Close Quarters Battle instructor, teaching Iraqi and coalitions forces, and also worked in Africa as part of the ACOTA (Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance program), training battalion level staff officers to prepare for peace and support operations in Darfur. Ben worked for the U.S. State Department High Threat Protection program in Baghdad, Iraq and went on to invent the Dry Fire Pro Timer and establish Morgan Timing Systems, LLC to address a gap in the training needs he experienced while working overseas.

Brad Nielson

Has been a Police Officer since 2002. During his time he has worked a variety of assignments through the city, including Patrol, Crime Impact Team, Special Problems Unit and Gang Enforcement Detail. Currently assigned to Metropolitan Division where he is an element member on a Tactical Response Team.

Part of his assignment is to help instruct different subjects to the rest of the Department and outside agencies. They vary from Firearms, Multiple Attack Counter Terrorism Action Capability (MACTAC), Field Tactics, Less Lethal Weapons, Tactical Medical, Rescue Task Force and several other subjects.

Kris “Tanto” Paronto

A former Army Ranger from 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, and private security contractor who has deployed throughout South America, Central America, the Middle East, and North Africa. He has worked with the US government’s Global Response Staff, the US State Department Diplomatic Security High Threat Protection Program, and Blackwater Security Consulting conducting low profile security in high-threat environments throughout the world.

Frank Proctor

served over 20 years in the military and the last 16 of those in the US Army Special Forces. In 2004 I attended SFAUC- Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course. I knew then that being a better shooter would be a life long passion. In between deployments and other duties at Group I was and assistant instructor for Combat Marksmanship, CQB, Breaching and the Sniper program. I later became the NCOIC for the Sniper program and Primary instructor for Combat Marksmanship.

In May 2007 I started competitive shooting and found out what I didn’t know about shooting! I started shooting a match almost every weekend and when I failed at something I would work on it during the week so I could see an improvement the next weekend. I joined a range and trained almost everyday sometimes 2 times a day. In January of 2009 I achieved the rank of Grand Master in USPSA Limited division. I was the 4th ranked Limited GM in the world at that time, but still made some mental mistakes in matches. I was shooting at my peak in the summer of 2009 and started gearing up for another deployment. In 2012 I started my training company full time. Most of what I have learned about shooting has come to me since then. Something happened and I took a much more analytical approach to training and shooting instead of the classic just go do it 10,000 times. My current training programs take an easy but in-depth, cerebral approach to becoming a better shooter.

Nick Roberts

Nick is a former Marine and served six active duty years with a deployment to Iraq in 2006. Nick has been a police officer in Southern California since 2009. He is currently assigned to his departments Training Unit, and is the breacher for their SWAT team. Part of Nick’s job is research and development, including being a part of implementing RDS for patrol use as well as suppressors for patrol rifles. He is a graduate of the FBI firearms instructor school and teaches pistol, carbine, shotgun, and live fire shoot house for his agency.

Yousef Sansour

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Yousef Sansour began working with various U.S. government agencies in a counter terrorism role (CT).  These organizations include the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service, and the Department of Defense. These highly specialized missions saw Sansour in six of the seven continents. During his time abroad, Sansour dedicated himself to the defense of the U.S. in a CT role. As the founder of Esoteric, LLC., he has provided training to military and law enforcement agencies across the country. These agencies include, but are not limited to, the FBI, DEA, Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, U.S. Army, and the U.S. Navy, just to name a few. Sansour has more than 20 years of SWAT experience with a local law enforcement agency. 

In addition, Sansour is an accomplished competitive shooter who competes on the national level. He is currently ranked as a Grandmaster shooter in the United States Practical Shooting Association and a Master shooter in the International Defensive Pistol Association.

ESOTERIC is committed to providing the highest level of tactical training to its customers, whether they are a soldier on the battlefield, a law enforcement officer, or a civilian who is looking to improve his or her skill set. We train with the understanding that what we do on the range could mean the difference between life and death on the street.

Tom Spooner

His service to our nation in the U.S. Army spanned nearly twenty-one years (1990-2011). His career included time in the 82nd Airborne, as a Green Beret in the US Army’s 7th Special Forces Group and, ultimately, in the US Army’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta as an Operator. His military career included 12 combat rotations for a total of 40 months of total time in combat.

After retiring from the Army, Tom approached his struggles with Chemical Dependencies, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with the same tenacity and commitment to excellence that he did in his military career. He began speaking candidly about the repercussions of his experiences and the reality of the difficulties he had coping with them. Determined to help his community cope with suicide and addiction as a result of their experiences in War, Tom has rededicated his professional efforts to Healing. With a voice nearly unmatched in credibility and experience, Tom has successfully enabled thousands of military and law enforcement personnel to acknowledge their struggles, seek treatment, and understand that they are not alone.

He is one of the Co-Founders of Warriors Heart and Original Freedom